PHORONIX: OpenCL, GLSL Back-End For LLVM May Soon Open Up

K. Macy kmacy at
Tue Aug 30 21:26:06 UTC 2011

> But the lack of response and non-shown interests shows a undeobtly signal
> that freeBSD seems to be
> dead for the HPC community and this could be also an indication for the lack
> of CUDA support
> by nVidia, Why performing efforts if no one cares? A great chance seems to
> have passed by ...

I wouldn't read too much in to it. What was provided only fit a fairly
narrow niche. Nvidia won't build their libraries on freebsd until we
"prove the market" which is fairly hard to do when you have to jump
through hoops just to get it to run and need to have a linux
environment to build the apps.


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