CLANG; still cc in use when building the WORLD with CLANG?

Hartmann, O. ohartman at
Tue Aug 30 17:42:55 UTC 2011

On 08/30/11 18:44, Alex Kuster wrote:
> Thanks for pointing out those details !
> This whole thing about make.conf&  src.conf is very confusing and gives the
> impression of something half ported ...

I aggree. It is, indeed.

> Because I honestly though that src.conf was for freebsd sources as indicated
> by the manpage (and in fact, compiled sources that way without issues ...
> ¿?)
> Anyways, I'll read more about what you guys pointed me.
> Thanks again.

I tried hard the last two hours and had no success compiling my world by 
up only /etc/src.conf.
And even with only those things left in /etc/make.conf like "NO_WERROR" 
and "WERROR"
I wasn't able to compile the system. I permuted now many options and I'm 
back to the
suggestiosn from the Wiki. But that leaves me with a manual switching 
back to the old
compiler when it comes to ports.

 From my "naive" perspective, it should be easy to sort things out 
without being an
expert in how the whole system is dependend on some make-set variables.

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