troubles with 9.0 beta2 installer

Oleg Ginzburg olevole at
Tue Aug 30 16:02:22 UTC 2011


Some trouble in FreeBSD 9.0-beta2 Installer:

a) Infinity loop of Dialog in Network Configuration stage when static IP 
selected without default gw:

How to reproduce:

Would you like to configure IPv4 for this interface - (set Y)
Would you like to use DHCP to configure this interface - (set N)
IP Address: (set for example)
Subnet Mask: (set for example)
Default Router: (leave blank)

- After this, installer teleport to select interfaces dialog silenty

b) Installer helpless where  GPT table is broken:

How to reproduce:
1) Install fresh system by default (GPT table)
2) Reboot in liveCD mode and overwrite last bytes (where GPT have backup). For 
exampe by gmirror label:

gmirror label -v -b round-robin data ada0

3) Reboot with the installer and try install system by default to get a lot of 
windows without options:

"Error: Operation not permitted. table ada0 is corrupt"
"Error:  Device busy"
"Operation not permtted"
"File exists. geom 'ada0'" 

this situation require LiveCD shell with "gpt recover" command

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