PHORONIX: OpenCL, GLSL Back-End For LLVM May Soon Open Up

b. f. bf1783 at
Mon Aug 29 20:36:14 UTC 2011

> By the beginning of this year Pathscale introduced a kind of compiler
> capable of HMPP, a very smart model
> like OpenMP. This compiler seems not to be ready by now and I never got
> access to a beta version to test
> whether it was capable of compiling CUDA ready code. As far as I know,
> HMPP is also an "open" standard.
> Well, conclusively, there seems no real solution to be present for
> FreeBSD by now (as I mentioned, the
> Linuxulator is no real alternative due to its 32bit limitations).

Christopher Bergström of PathScale offered to serve as an advocate for
release of portions of PathScale's code so that it could be used in
FreeBSD [1].  Did anyone take him up on it?  I'd think that
negotiations of this sort would be of interest to the FreeBSD
Foundation and other parties.


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