9.0-BETA1 installer glithcies (i386)

Lev Serebryakov lev at FreeBSD.org
Sun Aug 21 18:24:27 UTC 2011

Hello, Nathan.
You wrote 21 августа 2011 г., 20:53:22:

> GPT is bootable on all x86 systems, with either EFI or BIOS, and is now
   Ok, I was not sure here.

>> (5) Partition creation dialog has button "Options", but modify dialog
>> doesn't.
> This is by design. The installer can't run tunefs, nor is there even
> something like tunefs for some of the supported partition types 
> (msdosfs, for instance).
   There is no FSes created at this stage. As far as I understand, now
 creteion of BSD partitions inside (MBR/GPT) slice is combined with
 creation of FSes on these partitions. And when I create "ada0s1a"
 with type "Freebsd-ufs" and want to turn soft-updates on it, I cannot
 without partition re-creation because "Modify" doesn't have "Options"
 button. And "newfs" will be called only on submit, much later!

>> (7) Partition editor doesn't seen existing filesystems and doesn't
>> warn about parititoning disks with existing filesystems. I have two
>> (virtual) disks common for all my VMs -- with sources (one common disk
>> per version) and with some scratch space (common for every my VM),
>> FSes are created without any partitions or slices, directly on device
>> nodes (ada1 and ada2). PArtition Editor doesn't have any sign or
>> warning, that ada1 and ada2 contains valid FreeBSD filesystems.
> I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. It lists all existing
> partitions on all existing disks and warns you before replacing them 
> with new ones. It has no way of knowing (from GEOM) about UFS file 
> systems directly on disks, nor do any of our other system tools.
  GEOM_LABEL? ;-) These UFS2 file systems has valid labels :)

> Why would you expect it there? It is perfectly possible to mount
  Because here is no obvious way to turn on/off softupdates and new
su-based journaling when partitions are created. And no way to turn
these options on/off with "Modify", either, even BEFORE filesyystems
are really created. Also, such options to newfs as block sizes, etc.

> existing file systems from the installer -- they just have to live on 
> partitions. I'm not sure whether we want to support the case of the 
> totally unpartitioned disk in the installer, anyway.
  Old installer had support for DD (Dangerously Dedicated) disks :)

>> (9) Lot of LORs on slice/partition creation and newfs.
> Yes. These are not an installer problem, but should be fixed.
  Yep, I understand, that it is not installer problem...

>> (10) Mistype password for Root for second type -- no message about it,
>> simple "New password:" prompt. It is not obvious, what happens.
> That's the usual way passwd works? (which is what is running)
  passwd, run by hands on installed system, says "Mismatch; try
 again, EOF to quit".

>> (11) No way to mount NFS file systems :)
> You can do this easily from the shell of course, but I'll try to think
  I even could install FreeBSD from shell without any installer at all
:) I have such experience, and it is not very difficult :)

> about an appropriate UI for that. It may not get done in time for the 
> release.

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <lev at FreeBSD.org>

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