Well, there goes Windows!

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 23:24:45 UTC 2011

So, I used the bsdinstaller again on the 9.0-BETA1 media with manual
partitioning. The HP desktop ate up 3 partitions, I inconveniently
forgot that geom can't grok secondary PC MBR partitions, was fooling
around and cleared the partitions, etc. I hit abort to exit the
partitioner start and from scratch and now my Windows partitions and
recovery partitions are gone.

So, oops... just a word of warning for anyone else that monkeys around
with bsdinstall that it doesn't always hold true to the "will apply
changes at Exit" guarantee right now (i.e. atomicity is busted). If
someone else has a second OS that they'd rather not lose, at least
they will know to reboot their box when committing changes.

I'll inspect the code sometime this weekend to trace down the annoying
bug, but this is probably release gating for new users (and sadly
forces me back to wanting to use sysinstall :/..).


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