nroff -mandoc | more no longer works

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Aug 14 19:56:42 UTC 2011

The proper way to do this atm is 'man ./foo.1'. I had the same set of
commands under the fingers as well, but doing it the new way has many
benefits. Not the least of which is that you will see the page the same
way man will render it when it's installed.

Doug (change is hard)

On 8/14/2011 12:08 PM, Julian Elischer wrote:
> I also use this line for testing man page edits.  It will be a very sad
> thing if it's been broken in 9.0.
> On 8/14/11 8:29 AM, Robert Watson wrote:
>> I'm guessing this relates to nroff/groff tweaks, but I was a bit
>> unhappy to learn that the command I've used for the last decade to
>> render man pages while editing them (nroff -mandoc foo.1 | more) no
>> longer works (output below).
>> It seems likely this has to do with teaching groff to use ANSI escape
>> codes that more, by default, rejects.  I'm aware there are lots of
>> other command lines I could use, but it seems unfortunate that this is
>> broken -- possibly more should accept more escape codes in its default
>> configuration, or nroff should generate fewer of them?
>> (I'd love to see this fixed for 9.0)
>> Robert N M Watson
>> Computer Laboratory
>> University of Cambridge


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