[rfc] replacing /boot/kernel.old with a unique directory name

Julian Elischer julian at freebsd.org
Sun Aug 14 19:24:29 UTC 2011

On 8/14/11 3:27 AM, Eduardo Morras wrote:
> At 22:06 13/08/2011, Steven Hartland wrote:
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Alexander Best" 
>> <arundel at freebsd.org>
>>> i just had the following idea: how about instead of copying the 
>>> current kernel
>>> to /boot/kernel.old and then installing the new one under 
>>> /boot/kernel as the
>>> results of target installkernel, we create a unique directory name 
>>> for the old
>>> kernel?
>> The default size of / is likely your biggest problem.
> Don't know how much compresable is /boot/kernel.old but tar with -z 
> or -j may be a workaround. We can extract on demand and swap current 
> /boot/kernel  with new /boot/kernel. Other way of do it is link 
> /boot/kernel  to current kernel and update it, but i don't know 
> (again) if it would work in single user mode.

What would make more sense to me for thsi would be a kernel name that 
was recognised by teh final boot stages as being an exeprimental 
kernel and moved to the new location only on successful boot..  Once 
you have successfully booted it, then you delete the kernel[-1] and do 
the replacement that "make installkernel" now does.

>>    Regards
>>    Steve
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