[rfc] replacing /boot/kernel.old with a unique directory name

Test Rat ttsestt at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 11:29:36 UTC 2011

Eduardo Morras <nec556 at retena.com> writes:

> At 22:06 13/08/2011, Steven Hartland wrote:
>>> i just had the following idea: how about instead of copying the
>>> current kernel
>>>to /boot/kernel.old and then installing the new one under /boot/kernel as the
>>> results of target installkernel, we create a unique directory name
>>> for the old
>>The default size of / is likely your biggest problem.
> Don't know how much compresable is /boot/kernel.old but tar with -z 
> or -j may be a workaround. We can extract on demand and swap current
> /boot/kernel  with new /boot/kernel. Other way of do it is link
> /boot/kernel  to current kernel and update it, but i don't know
> (again) if it would work in single user mode.

There is kgzldr that lets you boot compressed kernels. Try

  $ gzip /boot/kernel/*
  $ reboot

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