FreeBSD 9.0-BETA1/amd64 r224808: buildworld failure: ===> lib/clang/include (all),1 error,*** Error code 2,1 error,*** Error code 2,1 error

Hartmann, O. ohartman at
Sat Aug 13 08:39:20 UTC 2011

I run several boxes based on FreebSD 9.0-BETA1/amd64, compiled with 
clang. Since yesterday, I run on all of these
machines into strange situations: buildworld won't build anymore, it 
fails always on all boxes at
the very same position as showed by the error message below. I can build 
and install a kernel, that's working all right.

Is there any known issue?

I already deleted /usr/obj and did a fsck on the filesystem(s). The 
filesystem in question is UFS2.

Maybe it is worth to know, that I also have on all of these boxes the 
strange behaviour, that
a portsnap update/extract now fails permanently with:

files/dd7c394c9c9ddf4b97f1b14c676f370adc259b2c7a4b8346eba0788a431db398.gz not 
found -- snapshot corrupt.

This is the same on every box compiled FreeBSD 9.0-BETA1/amd64. The 
portsnap issue does not occur on our two FreeBSD 8.2-STABLE

Well, this might be a simple coincidence, but due to the fact these 
errors occur simultanously on every FreeBSD 9.0/amd box we run
it might could be realted to a real issue in FreeBSD 9.0-BETA1/amd64 
(even compiled with clang). A VFS issue perhaps? I updated
the kernel sources minutes ago and installed a most recent kernel, 
rebooted and hoped to get rid of the problem, but it
still remains.


gzip -cn 
 > lwres_resutil.3.gz
building profiled lwres library
ranlib liblwres_p.a
===> lib/clang (all)
===> lib/clang/libclanganalysis (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangarcmigrate (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangast (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangbasic (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangcodegen (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangdriver (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangfrontend (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangfrontendtool (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangindex (all)
===> lib/clang/libclanglex (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangparse (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangrewrite (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangsema (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangserialization (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangstaticanalyzercheckers (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangstaticanalyzercore (all)
===> lib/clang/libclangstaticanalyzerfrontend (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmanalysis (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmasmparser (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmasmprinter (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmbitreader (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmbitwriter (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmcodegen (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmcore (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvminstcombine (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvminstrumentation (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmipa (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmipo (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmmc (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmmcparser (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmscalaropts (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmselectiondag (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmsupport (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmtarget (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmtransformutils (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmarmasmparser (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmarmcodegen (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmarmdesc (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmarmdisassembler (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmarminfo (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmarminstprinter (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmmipscodegen (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmmipsdesc (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmmipsinfo (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmmipsinstprinter (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmpowerpccodegen (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmpowerpcdesc (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmpowerpcinfo (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmpowerpcinstprinter (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86asmparser (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86codegen (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86desc (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86disassembler (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86info (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86instprinter (all)
===> lib/clang/libllvmx86utils (all)
===> lib/clang/include (all)
1 error
*** Error code 2
1 error
*** Error code 2
1 error

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