upgrade to 9.0-BETA1 with geom_mirror fails

Mark Felder feld at feld.me
Fri Aug 12 03:08:38 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I was originally running 8.2 on my NAS at home -- later 8-STABLE for ZFS  
-- and decided to see how 9.0-BETA1 fairs on it due to seeing some changes  
coming in 9.0 that would be favorable. After installing the kernel and  
trying to reboot into it I discovered it doesn't like my geom_mirror that  
I use for / and swap. It gives this error:

"geom_mirror integrity check failed"

It can't mount the / device then (/dev/mirror/gm0a) so it asks me to  
choose a disk to boot from. When listing the disks with ? it shows all  
physical disks but the only geom device is gm0 -- none of the slices are  

Any idea how to fix this? If I boot up an 8-STABLE or 8.2R kernel it has  
no issues with my mirror.



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