issues with bsdgrep and lang/go

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at
Thu Aug 11 19:38:25 UTC 2011

Em 2011.08.10. 22:09, Alexander Best escreveu:
> well i'd like to help the author of bsdgrep to improve it. testing it and
> then going back to gnu grep, because bsdgrep still has bugs isn't going to help
> much. by using it i'd like to trip over these kind of bugs and report them.
> but you're right...the author hasn't really paid a lot of attention to bsdgrep,
> lately.:(  i guess that's a problem when you have an open os, where everybody
> can do as much or as little as it pleases him.;)
I do! In this year's Summer of Code I'm working on the regex code. A 
good and efficient regex support is important for a fast and clean BSD 
grep. The ultimate goal is to get rid of both GNU grep and libgnuregex. 
I'm sorry if I temporarily neglected some bug reports.


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