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I suggest sprinkling holy water on your computer and then hitting a bong.

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as of recent times, some git rebase operations fail unexpectedly with
an error: "cannot create .git/index.lock: file exists". an
investigation session was something like the following:
$ ls -l .git
the index.lock file is not in the shown list.
$ ls -l .git/index.lock
the file is listed! it's a regular file, its size is ~60KiB.
$ cat .git/index.lock
some file content is shown.
$ mv .git/index.lock .git/someplace
moving fails with: index.lock: file does not exist.
$ ee .git/index.lock
some file content is shown, which i edit and save. then the
.git/index.lock file really disappears (cat, direct ls, ee, mv, etc.
do not find the file), and the content i put in the .git/index.lock
file via ee is now in .git/index.


i still have some git rebase operations (which are notably
disk-active) fail from time to time with "impossible" reasons (for
example: something like "cherry picking failed", or something like
"cannot move git-rebase-new to git-rebase-todo: file does not exist").

i'd note that the hard drive is kind of old (>7 years), and i recently
had the power cut during port build operations twice, although the
(UFS) filesystem is fsck-clean.

has anyone experienced anything like this?
what is the possibility of a filesystem/kernel bug or fsck bug?
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