bsdtar(1) can't extract new ISO images

Bruce Cran bruce at
Sun Aug 7 16:23:07 UTC 2011

On 06/08/2011 18:02, Martin Matuska wrote:
> The error is in FreeBSD ISO images.
> They are created using makefs and that doesn't create ISO files that
> strictly comple to the ECMA-119 (ISO9660 standard).
> I have already filed a PR at NetBSD (bin/45217):
> The volume_set_id doesn't have to be filled with 0x20 characters, too.
> I am also preparing a patch for libarchive (different things), but that
> won't fix that one bug - makefs needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the information - I suspect this is also the problem I saw a 
few weeks ago on OS X Lion when trying to extract an ISO of Windows 
Server 2003 R2:

neutrino:tmp brucec$ tar -xvf 
neutrino:tmp brucec$ echo $?

It would be nice if bsdtar exited with a non-zero code in this case.

Bruce Cran

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