the nvidia-driver port

ide crash idecrash at
Mon Aug 1 09:02:03 UTC 2011

Forgive me if I missed something loading. But I could not get any
monitor listed with the ported driver.

But I did get the past 3 versions of the Nvidia driver loaded from the
drivers download site from nvidia. I have a 9500GT 1g galaxy card.

Just a heads up for future users. just install /usr/src/ with ports
current. and download the driver, tar - it and just make install. the
linux_base-f10 kernel modules need to be preped but not loaded with
the current drivers from Nvidia. in all 3 of my test install cases
reinstalling the ported driver crashed my X system. If anyone has any
issues with the current driver form nvidia shoot me a mail I should be
able to walk even a novice through the install and loading of the
kernel mods and driver to get it working with all openGL codex

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