FreeBSD9 ifnet + Member Function void (*if_watchdog)(struct ifnet *ifp)

Sergey Kandaurov pluknet at
Mon Aug 1 06:33:21 UTC 2011

On 1 August 2011 03:09, Olli Hauer <ohauer at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just tried to build VMware modules for FreeBSD9-BETA1 and noticed
> the ifnet Member Function
>  void (*if_watchdog)(struct ifnet *ifp)
> was removed from net/if_var.h.
> Is there a suggested replacement?

Per-ifnet watchdogs were transformed to private per-softc callout timer
in earlier 9.x. See this thread for details:

> PS:
> The man page for ifnet(9) does not reflect the remove of this
> (now missing) Member Function.

It is massively outdated. I plan to update it some day when I get
some more spare time/review.


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