propose: all arch move into a separate dir

Garrett Cooper yanefbsd at
Sat Mar 6 09:28:28 UTC 2010

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 11:33 AM, paradox <ddkprog at> wrote:
> so, I really do not understand why it is so difficult to move a few folders in the shared folder is a big problem
> as is done in openbsd and netbsd
> as you can see
> Well, maybe my thoughts will be understood, then when the folder /usr/src/sys/ number of architectures to increase to ~ 50, then keep them all in one folder /usr/src/sys/ this is just a file cesspool without logical structure

    I haven't looked at NetBSD or OpenBSD's directory layouts, but
Linux is #ifdef hell to work through just to figure out what the frak
is going on in the kernel. That seems to be an excellent example of
what _not_ to do when organizing architecture specific files, and from
what I saw it also allowed for a greater set of feature disparity
between architectures because not all camps had to implement feature
X.Y.Z as they had their own underlying code to do the common code;
granted, that's probably the way it's setup in any
architecture-specific sourcebase, but it's a lot more difficult to
understand and maintain (or at least it was for me trying to figure
out what was going on).
    FWIW, NetBSD's charter has been to run their OS on a number of
architectures, not just a primary set of architectures; OpenBSD's
charter differs -- if we all were NetBSD or OpenBSD, then we'd all be
using the same thing. But we aren't and that's probably not going to
change anytime soon [at least not without community backing and a
considerable amount of engineering effort on someone or some group's

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