[sparc64] [panic] cheetah_ipi_selected: CPU can't IPI itself

Nathaniel W Filardo nwf at cs.jhu.edu
Mon Jun 28 14:25:18 UTC 2010

Well, I'm back in the same town as my sparc64 and so csup'd, built, and
rebooted, trying to get more information about the "vm object not owned"
panic I reported a while ago.  To my dismay, I now get this panic, also late
enough in the boot process to be starting up jails:

panic: cheetah_ipi_selected: CPU can't IPI itself
cpuid = 0
KDB: stack backtrace:
panic() at panic+0x1c8
cheetah_ipi_selected() at cheetah_ipi_selected+0x48
tlb_page_demap() at tlb_page_demap+0xdc
pmap_copy_page() at pmap_copy_page+0x4c4
vm_fault() at vm_fault+0x13ec
trap_pfault() at trap_pfault+0x190
trap() at trap+0xd0
-- data access protection tar=0x224b93 sfar=0x224550 sfsr=0x800005
%o7=0x4063398c --
userland() at 0x40633830
user trace: trap %o7=0x4063398c

And the system hangs; I had to use the ALOM to reboot it.
Sorry to not have more useful news.
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