r209240 ia64 -> buildworld -> undefined reference to `lzma_physmem'

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at des.no
Mon Jun 28 14:00:48 UTC 2010

Anton Shterenlikht <mexas at bristol.ac.uk> writes:
> cc -v -static -o rescue rescue.o cat.lo chflags.lo chio.lo chmod.lo cp.lo date.lo dd.lo df.lo echo.lo ed.lo expr.lo getfacl.lo hostname.lo kenv.lo kill.lo ln.lo ls.lo mkdir.lo mv.lo pkill.lo ps.lo pwd.lo  ealpath.lo rm.lo rmdir.lo setfacl.lo sh.lo stty.lo sync.lo test.lo rcp.lo csh.lo atacontrol.lo badsect.lo camcontrol.lo ccdconfig.lo clri.lo devfs.lo dmesg.lo dump.lo dumpfs.lo dumpon.lo fsck.lo fsck_ffs. o fsck_msdosfs.lo fsdb.lo fsirand.lo gbde.lo geom.lo ifconfig.lo init.lo kldconfig.lo kldload.lo kldstat.lo kldunload.lo ldconfig.lo md5.lo mdconfig.lo mdmfs.lo mknod.lo mount.lo mount_cd9660.lo mount_msd sfs.lo mount_nfs.lo mount_ntfs.lo mount_nullfs.lo mount_udf.lo mount_unionfs.lo newfs.lo newfs_msdos.lo nos-tun.lo ping.lo reboot.lo restore.lo rcorder.lo route.lo routed.lo rtquery.lo rtsol.lo savecore.l  spppcontrol.lo swapon.lo sysctl.lo tunefs.lo umount.lo atmconfig.lo ping6.lo ipf.lo zfs.lo zpool.lo mca.lo dhclient.lo head.lo mt.lo sed.lo tail.lo tee.lo gzip.lo bzip2.lo xz.lo tar.lo vi.lo id.lo chroot lo chown.lo /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/exec.o /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/getusershell.o /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/login_class.o /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/ escue/../librescue/popen.o /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/rcmdsh.o /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/sysctl.o /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/system.o -lcrypt -ledit -lk m -ll -ltermcap -lutil -lalias -lcam -lcurses -ldevstat -lipsec -lipx -lzfs -lnvpair -luutil -lavl -lgeom -lbsdxml -ljail -lkiconv -lmd -lreadline -lsbuf -lufs -lz -lbz2 -llzma -larchive -lcrypto -lm

Look again, your command line is mangled.  For instance, the "r" in
"realpath.lo" is missing and the "l" in "fsck_ffs.lo" has been replaced
with a space.

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at des.no

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