[CFT] SIFTR - Statistical Information For TCP Research: Uncle Lawrence needs YOU!

Lawrence Stewart lstewart at freebsd.org
Sat Jun 19 07:45:09 UTC 2010

Hi Lev,

On 06/19/10 16:26, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Hello, Lawrence.
> You wrote 19 июня 2010 г., 07:27:30:
>> Amount of feedback received thus far: nichts, nil, nada
>    I  wanted  to  help  you,  but  here is one problem: I dont have any
> traffic-loaded 9-CURRENT machines. I have some not-so-critical 7.x and
> 8.x  machines  with  noticeable  traffic  (for example, my torrent box
> still run 7-STABLE), but no 9-CURRENT except VMWare on my desktop :(
>    I  think,  it is common case: 9-CURRENT machines are developers one,
> without  noticeable  amount of network traffic and all traffic-loaded
> machines run more stable versions.

Right now the traffic load of the test machine is not really all that 
important to the testing. As long as the module loads, logs some 
coherent looking data whilst enabled and unloads across a range of 
different hardware and kernel archs, I'll be happy. SIFTR will be 
backported to 8 and possibly 7 also, so there will be plenty of time to 
get people with more heavily loaded systems running stable branches to 
join in testing.

This is the first real push I've made to get the code widely tested, so 
I wouldn't feel comfortable asking people to run it on 
(semi-)production, stable branch systems yet. If you're really keen to 
help test it and you wouldn't be worried about running the code on such 
a system, I would be happy to create a 7 and/or 8 backport of the 
required bits. Otherwise, I'm happy to get the initial round of 
9-CURRENT only testing feedback, commit it to head and then revisit once 
it's settled and time to merge it back to the stable branches.


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