[CFT] SIFTR - Statistical Information For TCP Research: Uncle Lawrence needs YOU!

Lawrence Stewart lstewart at freebsd.org
Sat Jun 19 03:27:33 UTC 2010

Amount of feedback received thus far: nichts, nil, nada

*sings "I'm so ronery" in his best Kim Jong-il voice* [4]

Just like Uncle Sam [5], Uncle Lawrence needs you too - yes, I'm 
pointing at YOU!

More specifically, people out there running current with 10-15 mins to 
spare for some testing, please read on.

On 06/13/10 18:12, Lawrence Stewart wrote:
> Hi all,
> The time has come to solicit some external testing for my SIFTR tool.
> I'm hoping to commit it within a week or so unless problems are discovered.
> SIFTR is a kernel module that logs a range of statistics on active TCP
> connections to a log file. It provides the ability to make highly
> granular measurements of TCP connection state, aimed at system
> administrators, developers and researchers. You can use the data to find
> bugs in the stack, understand why connections are performing badly and
> test new code to name a few uses.
> Development has been made possible in part by grants from the Cisco
> University Research Program Fund at Community Foundation Silicon Valley,
> and the FreeBSD Foundation. Bringing it into FreeBSD proper is being
> carried out under the auspices of the "Enhancing the FreeBSD TCP
> Implementation" FreeBSD Foundation project. More details are available
> at [1,2,3].
> If you can help out, please read on!
> Before continuing, make sure you're running with at least svn revision
> 209119 (my commit to <sys/pcpu.h>), or you can manually apply the
> r209119 diff to to your earlier rev source tree.
> The SIFTR patch is here:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~lstewart/patches/tcp_ffcaia2008/siftr_9.x.r209119.patch

An updated version of the patch against svn head revision 209325 is 
available from:


There was a backwards incompatible change in the external DPCPU_SUM() 
macro in <sys/pcpu.h> in r209325 of head so SIFTR also had to be 
updated. Please adapt the following instructions as appropriate based on 
the patch version you're testing.

> Copy it to the root of your source tree and run the following:
> patch -p1 < siftr_9.x.r209119.patch
> It's a loadable kernel module so you can build it for testing like so:
> cd <path/to/src>/sys/modules/siftr
> make
> kldload ./siftr.ko
> (don't forget to "make cleandir" to remove cruft when finished testing)
> After applying the patch, you can read the man page by running:
> man -M <path/to/src>/share/man siftr
> If I've done a decent job, all the info you need to understand what it
> does and how to use it should be in the man page.
> I'm interested in all feedback and reports of success/failure, along
> with details of the architecture tested and number of CPUs if you would
> be so kind.
> That should be enough to get the ball rolling. Thanks and I look forward
> to hearing from you!
> Cheers,
> Lawrence
> [1] http://caia.swin.edu.au/freebsd/etcp09/
> [2] http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/projects.shtml#Swinburne
> [3] http://caia.swin.edu.au/urp/newtcp/

[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh_9QhRzJEs (language warning)

[5] http://www.sonofthesouth.net/uncle-sam/images/uncle-sam-wants-you.jpg

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