ports/139483: x11-fm/thunar name is in lowercase while package name is in uppercase

vermaden vermaden at interia.pl
Tue Jun 8 15:06:40 UTC 2010

> I agree with you that this is a bit inconsistent and this had
> been done right in the first place when the port was created.

> But changing it now - I fear to much problems which may occur by very less
> gain on th eother hand and this is why I'll not change the package name.

I also agree with You mate, backward compatibility is very important,
but so is consistency, at least from logical point of view.

Maybe we should 'leave it as it is' for next 'BIG' release, or at least
till next 'POINT' release (like 8.1-RELEASE for example), and the
put all needed info in RELEASE NOTES, that during restructuring the
PORTS tree infrastructure all ports were changes to _lowercase_ to make
ports tree more consistent and logical, or at least a single package
can be lowercase/UPPERCASE in its 'world' treated the same, (lowercase
or UPPERCASE but not other).

The same of course goes to many other ports, like TeTeX* ports, there
are no tetex* ports of course, but using TeTeX name can be VERY
misleading ... and I am a long time FreeBSD user/admin.

With all respect to TeX 'way' of writing, it should be lowercase.

I do not want to 'force' or should I use more appreciate word like
'bring back to order' word, to make it just better.

I do not like all the mess in the Linux world, and its pity, that
many of us are pointing Linux the mess while we are not 'clear'
at the same time.

Sorry for CC'ing that message into CURRENT/STABLE MLs, but I just
feel that we need to do something about it, to make the FreeBSD
(or ports) ecosystem better.

For me this change does not mean much, I already KNOW that I must
tyle TeTeX or Thunar in the CLI, but think about so many newcomers
or just people who did not add that port earlier, its just not
logical/consistent, to leave that case 'as is'.

As I stated at the beginning, backward compatibility is also very
important, so we may 'resolve' that problem in two ways generally,
or maybe someone with bigger head then mine come with better

1. Just rename ports to lowercase both in ports and packages with
   appreciate info in RELEASE NOTES, for some *-RELEASE (8.1-RELEASE
   comes into my mind of course, or some DOT ZERO release, that
   will be 9.0-RELEASE in 2012, which may be not so needed delay
   for that kind of annoucement).

2. Create BOTH lowercase/UPPERCASE/Various packages names both in
   ports (metaports) and packages (will take disk space), for some
   time and ANNOUNCE in RELEASE NOTES, that these 'other then
   lowercase' ports/packages are available only until next release.

With all regards to developers/maintainers time,

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