[TESTING]: ClangBSD branch needs testing before the import to HEAD

b. f. bf1783 at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 1 10:19:58 UTC 2010

I'm a bit disappointed in the polemical nature of some of the comments
in this thread.  I think we're all better off because of the existence
of the FSF and their affiliates, and of a body of useful software
under the (L)GPL, even if we prefer another license.  No one has
forced us to use the work that they've made freely available.

With regard to importing clang now, I think that the effort needed for
switching to a new compiler will not be greatly diminished by waiting,
and we will be better served by learning about possible problems (and
attempting to have them fixed upstream) sooner rather than later.
Those who are concerned about introducing more variables into
debugging will still be free to disregard reports involving clang for
now if they choose, and we can emphasize that users should provide
information about which compiler is involved in bug reports.

Please, will those managing the import follow the recommendation of
the tool-chain summit in allowing users to opt out of building and
installing clang and any related tools with a knob in src.conf, and
add support for ripping it out via the delete-old(-libs) targets and
tools/build/mk/OptionalObsoleteFiles.inc, as part of any initial

Also, others have announced that they are running regression tests on
systems built with clang.  Would it be possible to set up some
regularly scheduled tests to uncover possible problems, if this hasn't
been done already?


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