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Benjamin Stuppin benjamin_stuppin at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 30 21:50:21 UTC 2010

"Lucius Windschuh" <lwindschuh at googlemail.com>
--- Lucius Windschuh <lwindschuh at googlemail.com> schrieb am Do, 29.7.2010:
> Hi "gahn".
> 2010/7/29 gahn <ipfreak at yahoo.com>:
> > hi all:
> >
> > is it possible to create /tmp directory under swap
> space? under solaris, it is automatically created under swap
> unless one specifically instructs the system not to do so..
> Yes you can, by mounting a tmpfs there. fstab line:
> tmpfs             
>      /tmp       
>     tmpfs   rw     
>         0   
>    0

when using tmpfs for /tmp i'd probably add the "mode=1777" option, else you would mount /tmp with default options and without the sticky bit which could cause some problems. 

Have fun 

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