MCE machine check exceptions - status, tools?

V. T. Mueller, Continum v.t.mueller at
Wed Jul 28 09:31:53 UTC 2010


By searching the net I was only able to find that "better support" for 
9.0 is on its way. So I'd like to ask if MCEs (like ECC-related messages 
from, say Supermicro boards) are being already processed by the kernel.
Are there any (plans for) tools to handle and process these messages in 

The amount of memory and memory modules keeps increasing, so MCE logging 
for non A-brand hardware (these trigger LEDs and/or tools from firmware) 
appears to gain increasing importance, too.

I'd be grateful for hints, URLs, tips etc.

If sent as private mails, I'll post a summary back to the list.


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