sensitive emt64 performance degradation over amd64

Fabio Kaminski fabiokaminski at
Sat Jul 17 22:43:59 UTC 2010

Hello list,

im running two freebsd dists , each one in a diferent notebook..

i have a freebsd 8.1 rc2 running in amd64 with 2 cores 2MB mem.. (my old
hp), and a freebsd 9-current running on
a intel i3 (2 cores + 2 logical cores) with 4 MB ram.. and im was noting
that the amd notebook was performing
really fast compared to the i3.. even with for each core of i3 the clock
been superior to the amd that i got here...

i was looking to the kernel build and disable all the debug options from the
 9 / kernel before the SMP
option.. to see if it was the performance penalty cause...

but that doesnt help to much... i didnt find any cpu flag to build the
kernel specific to the intel arquitecture and leave the HAMMER
option alone, knowing that emt64 and amd64 pretty the same thing...

what could be happening... the biggest number of cores? .. or its a common
thing...  freebsd perform better on amd hardware...

(note that i cant be too precise , since i didnt go any further with more
tests... its more a subjective feel (boot time, general use.. etc))


Fabio Kaminski

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