Interactivity problems

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jul 12 05:23:42 UTC 2010


I use -current on my laptop as my regular X platform, and for the last
few months I've been noticing that interactivity problems have been
getting a lot worse, by which I mean that if I have something running in
the background that is either disk or cpu intensive, anything else I try
to do on the system suffers. The most usual symptom is painfully slow
refresh times on windows, skipping audio, jumpy mouse, etc. These
problems persist even if I nice the hungry process.

My kernel conf is a typical GENERIC minus stuff I don't have. You can
see the diff to GENERIC at

My loader.conf:


No malloc.conf or libmap.conf. The only diff in my src tree is a patch
from mav vs. his latest timer update. All in all this is a very GENERIC
system, pardon the pun. :)

Is anyone else seeing this problem? Does anyone have suggestions?



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