panic on dell laptop

raoul rmgls at
Sat Jul 10 07:45:02 UTC 2010

Hi all,

since last friday head panic, even with a fresh update (yesterday evening).

i tried with and without loader.conf
with: exec "unset acpi_load"
with: a fresh device.hints

nothing works.

irq do not match!

reverting to current 9.0 r209368 20:06:2010 works fine.

the story:
dell laptop e6400 running head as said.
irq do not match

kdb enter (0xc0cd011e,c0cd011e,c0c7bad6,c14209cc)
show threads
thread 100000

show thread 100000 (the culprit)
porc pid 0 at 0xc0e30ac0
name swapper
stack 0c141f000-0xc141effff
flags 02100004 pflag 0x10000
state running cpu0 priority 68
container lock schedlock 0 0xc0e368c0

any idea would be appreciated


rmgls at

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