[CFT] ZFS v15 patch (version 3)

Martin Matuska mm at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jul 7 18:20:28 UTC 2010

We decided not to go with v16 - the feature difference for FreeBSD
between v15 and v16 is zero.
(v16 = Common Multiprotocol SCSI Target (COMSTAR) for ISCSI export of
ZVOLS - we don't do ISCSI export (yet))//

Of course v16 pools cannot be downgraded. But I provided the patch for
testing only, not for production :-)
You can consider the latest patch (v15 v3) to be more in direction
production - it is much more complete and very closely follows Solaris 10.
If someone strictly needs v16 (maybe because upgrading a pool) it is
just a small patch to be added, I can provide it if requested.

Dňa 7. 7. 2010 18:04, jhell  wrote / napísal(a):
> On 07/05/2010 07:50, Martin Matuska wrote:
>> Direct link to the patch:
>> http://people.freebsd.org/~mm/patches/zfs/v15/head-v15-v3.patch
>> For full operation (commands zfs allow, unallow, userspace, grouspace)
>> the python port must be installed, otherwise these comands don't work or
>> have only limited functionality. The port will be added to the ports
>> tree soon, you can download it from:
>> http://people.freebsd.org/~mm/patches/zfs/v15/sysutils_py-zfs.tar.gz
> 	It should be worth noting for those that have been using the v16 patch
> in the previous v16 CFT that have installed this port and are
> downgrading their system to v15 that they will have to recompile the
> port once the downgrade is complete otherwise this will end up in a
> "Segmentation fault" when (zfs [allow/unallow/groupspace/userspace]) is run.
>> I would be very grateful for testing on different architectures, mainly
>> on amd64, i386 and sprarc.
> Martin,
> ***
> 	The above python port calls /usr/lib/zfs/pyzfs.py which is installed
> from /usr/src/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/cmd/pyzfs.py that has the
> following bang line for both the noted files.
> #! /usr/bin/python2.4 -S
> Could this be changed to:
> #! /usr/bin/env python -S
> ***
The python port (the one updated with v15-3) does install a pyzfs.py
with a correct header, see the Makefile:

I will commit the python port to the ports tree right after it gets
tagged, we are still having a discussion about it's versioning (maybe
starting from 1.0?)

> 	I think since the integration of python for use with ZFS commands has
> worked its way in it might just be worth STRONGLY noting somewhere that
> python is now heavily depended on for these functions.
The pythonized functions are: zfs allow/unallow (don't work without
python), userspace/groupspace (limited functionality without python)
> 	As for stable/8 i386, ZFSv15 has been stable as a rock. I was running
> v16 with no problems but since it seems unlikely that v16 will make it
> down to stable/8 I downgraded to v15 on revision 209732. As for the
> python testing I am still a little bit shaky with but getting used to
> it. If there is more information that I can provide you with for i386
> please let me know or Ill write back with anything if something should
> arise.
What is going to happen, v15 goes to head next week with a 2-month MFC
I will provide patches for stable/8 and 8.1-release.
> Regards & Thanks for the great work on this.

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