Panic @r207433: "System call fork returning with the following locks held"

Manfred Antar null at
Fri Apr 30 21:42:36 UTC 2010

At 02:21 PM 4/30/2010, K. Macy wrote:
>On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 12:38 PM, K. Macy <kmacy at> wrote:
>>> Sadly, it doesn't do it for me .. lockd start-up causes a panic on a
>>> "sleeping thread". Do I need to do a buildworld as well as kernel?
>> We're calling vm_pageout_flush with the page queue lock held in
>> vm_object_page_collect_flush.  I'll have a fix in soon.
>Please try updating to 207451
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I'm getting this from just rebuilt kernel:

Starting dbus.
Starting hald.
Configuring syscons: blanktime.
Starting clamav_clamd.
Starting clamav_freshclam.
Waiting for clamd socket.. 
Starting clamav_milter.
Waiting for clamav-milter socket.. 60.. 
Starting denyhosts.
Sleeping thread (tid 100058, pid 19) owns a non-sleepable lock
sched_switch(c7174d80,0,104,a3b9b2bc,5b,...) at sched_switch+0x1df
mi_switch(104,0,c7174d80,0,db35b4f4,...) at mi_switch+0x12a
sleepq_switch(c7174d80,0,c0b157ee,260,0,...) at sleepq_switch+0xcb
sleepq_wait(db317b94,4c,c0b18293,0,0,...) at sleepq_wait+0x39
_sleep(db317b94,c70066dc,4c,c0b18293,0,...) at _sleep+0x2a2
bwait(db317b94,4c,c0b18293,db317b94,db35b5a0,...) at bwait+0x8f
bufwait(db317b94,0,0,0,0,...) at bufwait+0x28
breadn(c7836220,1,0,4000,0,...) at breadn+0xf3
bread(c7836220,1,0,4000,0,...) at bread+0x4c
ffs_balloc_ufs2(c7836220,6000,0,1000,c700bc00,...) at ffs_balloc_ufs2+0xe71
ffs_write(db35b930,c0bbb1ec,0,0,db35b874,...) at ffs_write+0x3f5
VOP_WRITE_APV(c0b87ae0,db35b930,0,0,2000,...) at VOP_WRITE_APV+0xa6
vnode_pager_generic_putpages(c7836220,db35ba40,1000,c,db35b9f0,...) at vnode_pager_generic_putpages+0x300
vop_stdputpages(db35b9a0,db35b9cc,c08e75e9,c0b87ae0,db35b9a0,...) at vop_stdputpages+0x30
VOP_PUTPAGES_APV(c0b87ae0,db35b9a0,c066dc10,c7261c5c,c0b9ce00,...) at VOP_PUTPAGES_APV+0x47
vnode_pager_putpages(c7835c38,db35ba40,1,c,db35b9f0,...) at vnode_pager_putpages+0xa9
vm_pageout_flush(db35ba40,1,c,c08dd65c,0,...) at vm_pageout_flush+0x1c7
vm_object_page_collect_flush(c,6,0,82b,c7836220,...) at vm_object_page_collect_flush+0x5f3
vm_object_page_clean(c7835c38,0,0,0,0,...) at vm_object_page_clean+0x2ef
vfs_msync(c7414ca8,2,2,c0b9cca0,c7489550,...) at vfs_msync+0x21a
sync_fsync(db35bc74,db35bc94,c071062d,c0b76640,db35bc74,...) at sync_fsync+0x22a
VOP_FSYNC_APV(c0b76640,db35bc74,c0b19a0d,6a5,c063e92e,...) at VOP_FSYNC_APV+0x42
sync_vnode(c0bbe4b4,c0bbe4a0,3e8,c73f8550,4e20,...) at sync_vnode+0x1bd
sched_sync(0,db35bd38,fffa7f7f,ffffffff,d6fbf6ad,...) at sched_sync+0x2c2
fork_exit(c0710760,0,db35bd38) at fork_exit+0x90
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
--- trap 0, eip = 0, esp = 0xdb35bd70, ebp = 0 ---
panic: sleeping thread
KDB: enter: panic
[ thread pid 1789 tid 100114 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x3a: movl    $0,kdb_why

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||      Ph. (415) 681-6235      ||

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

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