config(8) dumps core

Bruce Cran bruce at
Fri Apr 30 01:53:25 UTC 2010

On Thursday 29 April 2010 23:49:38 Michael Moll wrote:

> OK, that explains that with all the related commits backup out
> (207265-206664) the resulting config-binary still fails. I don't have
> time today to build the kernel with the different revisions to hunt the
> problem down to one commit...
> imp@: The last commits to usr.sbin/config/* might have raised this
> problem, could you have a look at it?

It appears it was r188214 that caused the breakage: in versions prior to that, 
it outputs 6 trailing NULs and exits normally on a modern kernel. If it only 
broke recently then I guess it was kernel, not changes to the config app, that 
broke it.

Bruce Cran

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