config(8) dumps core

Bruce Cran bruce at
Thu Apr 29 22:30:24 UTC 2010

On Thursday 29 April 2010 22:46:29 Garrett Cooper wrote:

>     Does a version prior to last week work, and could you please
> attach your kernel configuration file(s) for analysis?

I remember coming across the same error during buildkernel last week, but 
can't remember how, or how I resolved it. I've just built GENERIC from recent 
sources and can get the assert to occur by running "config -x 
/boot/kernel/kernel".  It looks like it thinks there's more data available 
than there is.

config/main.c gets the size of the configuration by running elfdump:

> elfdump -c /boot/kernel/kernel | grep -A 5 kern_conf | tail -2 | cut -d ' ' 
-f 2 | paste - - -

10053368        2656

The first column is the offset, and the second is the number of bytes, but the 
embedded configuration only has 2649 bytes.

Some of the output from config:

> config -x /boot/kernel/kernel
ident   GENERIC
machine sparc64
cpu     SUN4U
makeoptions     DEBUG=-g
options USB_DEBUG
options AH_SUPPORT_AR5416
options IEEE80211_SUPPORT_MESH
options IEEE80211_AMPDU_AGE
device  uath
device  ural
device  zyd
device  firewire
device  sbp
device  fwe
device  fwip
device  dcons
device  dcons_crom
Assertion failed: (r != '\0' && ("Char present in the configuration " "string 
mustn't be equal to 0")), function kernconfdump, file 
/usr/src/usr.sbin/config/main.c, line 719.
Abort (core dumped)

Bruce Cran

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