ZFS Stability & MySQL (Comments Requested)

Jason J. W. Williams jasonjwwilliams at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:36:25 UTC 2010

Hi Y'all,

I've written before that we're considering moving to FreeBSD 8 from
OpenSolaris and are heavily reliant on ZFS. Has anyone used FreeBSDs
ZFS implementation for a high reliability environment like a database?
If so, what are your experiences?

Basically, I'm curious how stable the implementation is and whether
it's ready for a critical production environment. Also, any gotchas
particularly with running it with MySQL or anything else that utilizes
a lot of memory. On Solaris, we cap the max ARC size to keep it from
grabbing all the system RAM and competing with MySQL.

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.


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