New Marvell SATA driver for testing

Alexander Motin mav at
Wed Apr 28 12:44:49 UTC 2010


I'm glad to present new driver (mvs) for several series of Marvell SATA
controllers (PCI-X, PCIe and SoC-integrated), to work with CAM ATA

Driver supports following Marvell chips:
 Gen-I (SATA 1.5Gbps):
  88SX5040, 88SX5041, 88SX5080, 88SX5081
 Gen-II (SATA 3Gbps, NCQ, PMP):
  88SX6040 ,88SX6041 (including Adaptec 1420SA), 88SX6080, 88SX6081
 Gen-IIe (SATA 3Gbps, NCQ, PMP with FBS):
  88SX6042, 88SX7042 (including Adaptec 1430SA); 88F5182, 88F6281,
MV78100 SoCs.
, same as atamarvell + ataadaptec + atamvsata legacy ata(4) drivers

Driver supports most of hardware features, including command queues,
NCQ, Port Multipliers, hot-swap, SATA power management, Command
Completion Coalescing, Asynchronous Notifications and MSI. Driver also
supports ATAPI devices, though it may be not very reliable due to
strange ATA shadow registers behavior in these chips.

I've successfully tested it with Supermicro SAT2-MV8 (88SX6081) on i386
and sparc64, Adaptec 1430SA (88SX7042) on i386, and SheevaPlug (88F6281)
on arm. I haven't tested it on Gen-I chips due to lack of such hardware.

Complete fresh patch for HEAD can be found here:
(make sure to run patch with -p to create directories).

Testing results, comments and feedback welcome.

Special thanks to iXsystems, Inc. for supporting this work.

Alexander Motin

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