ClangBSD build failures

Roman Divacky rdivacky at
Tue Apr 27 08:49:34 UTC 2010

I see whats going on... you have CC=cc and CXX=c++ in your share/mk/
and the "c++" is clang thus the 

.if ${CC} == "clang" || ${CXX} == "clang++"
MMINTRIN_CLANG= -isystem ${WORLDTMP}/usr/include/clang/1.5

condition does not add the -isystem thus the gcc mmintrin.h is used.

you have to change the share/mk/ to have CC/CXX either "gcc/g++"
or "clang/clang++"

I have to think of some better way to test this as this proves way
too fragile :(

thnx for the report!

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