Switchover to CAM ATA?

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Mon Apr 26 16:41:44 UTC 2010

I've read most of this thread.  I think this is cool technology.
However, before we move forward with this, we need to have a plan for
the various issues that have come up.  The plan needs to be specific,
have owners for key items, warnings about ownerless == obsoleted, and
target dates.

I think this is one of the cases where we should record the plan of
record on a wiki.  It worked well for other times we've had big,
disruptive changes.

My opinion for the path forward:
(1) Send a big heads up about the future of ataraid(5).  It will be
    shot in the head soon, to be replaced be a bunch of geom classes
    for each different container format.  At least that seems to be
    the rough consensus I've seen so far.  We need worker bees to do
    many of these classes, although much can be mined from the ataraid
    code today.
(2) Send another big heads up strongly recommending people go to
    glabel based fstabs.  Maybe the right option here is to provide a
    simple script walk people through the conversion.  This will
    render the carnage of ad -> ada (or da) a mostly non-event, and
    also protect people from 'oops' of rebooting with that thumb drive
    in the system.
(3) Create a wiki to record all the new geom classes needed.  Find
    people to own each one, or note it is unowned, and support will be
    dropped if no owner can be found.
(4) sysinstall should default to creating label systems, if it doesn't
(5) Issues with glabel and ataraid(5) need an owner, and need to be
    resolved, since the device names here are likely to change.
(6) Someone needs to write-up a detailed description of how to do this
    for UPDATING.  Maybe we can reuse text from #2.
(7) We need a target time line for these things to happen.  We can't
    just break ataraid(5) by default with little or no warning.
    Realistically, this will be for 9.0 and later systems, so we have
    some time before the branch to give warning, as well as pull the
    switch and have adequate testing time.
(8) Fill in all the parts that I've missed :)



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