net/mpd5, ppp, proxy-arp issues

Stefan Esser se at
Mon Apr 26 08:12:36 UTC 2010

Am 22.04.2010 20:43, schrieb Marin Atanasov:
> Hello,
> Thanks a lot for the patch, Qing!
> It works fine. However I've noticed one thing, after I start mpd5 and
> connect to my home network:
> kernel: WARNING: attempt to domain_add(netgraph) after domainfinalize()
> Not very sure if this is something to worry about or not?

There was a problem with the initialization order of network "domains",
which caused kernel crashes with ISDN+INET6 some two years ago. The
reason was, that there was an implicit assumption, that all domains
were initialized when the network interfaces are initialized, with
NULL dereferences if domains are added (and relevant to a device)
after the device has been initialized.

I debugged this problem and prepared a patch for discussion, which
later was committed by Max Laier (if memory serves me right). The
message was added in order to identify further situations, where
network domains are added after network interfaces have been
initialized. This message ought to be informational right now, since
the interface init is repeated whenever a network domain is added
as part of above mentioned patch. Init order should be fixed, if
this message is printed for compiled in drivers, but in case of a
kernel module (like netgraph) that adds a domain, it is unadvoidable
that the init order is reversed.

Perhaps the message should be made conditional on the start-up of
the kernel not having finished, or it should be completely removed,
since time has shown, that the init order is correct in general.

I'll remove that message (or make it conditional on "bootverbose")
unless there is opposition to this change ...

Regards, STefan

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