CALL for TEST [HOSTAP] run(4) ralink usb wireless

PseudoCylon moonlightakkiy at
Fri Apr 23 10:36:27 UTC 2010


Can you try this? (all 3 files has been updated)

This is for rev 207077 or newer.
If you are using older rev, please let me know with rev #, I'll change the code accordingly.

If it isn't too much trouble, can you run the driver with following debug option on?
# wlandebug -i wlan0 0x69300000
(after wlan create)
To make this work, kernel need to be compiled with IEEE80211_DEBUG option which is enabled in generic AR71XX conf file by default.

And, maybe with INVARIANTS option? the bug has been fixed in rev 206400

Sorry for asking too much. The driver is causing the trouble, but something goes wrong outside the driver.


>> Is your kernel compiled with INVARIANTS 
>> option?

> Tried, but if_arge panics at boot with INVARIANTS 
> option.

> arge0: <Atheros AR71xx built-in ethernet interface> at 
> mem 0x19000000-0x19000fff irq 2 on nexus0 panic: mtx_lock() of spin mutex 
> arge mii lock 
> @ /usr/mysrc/sys/mips/atheros/if_arge.c:554

> thanks,

> Ganbold 

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