Does "makeoptions WITH_CTF=yes" actually work?

Alexander Leidinger netchild at
Tue Apr 20 09:08:28 UTC 2010

Quoting jhell <jhell at> (from Mon, 19 Apr 2010 08:46:33 -0400):

[testing CTF]
> This sounds like a case of too many knobs to control whether ctfconvert
> will be used on any resulting object code.
> Couldn't this be better handled by defaulting WITH_CTF:=NO instead of
> having it act Boolean and set NO_CTF to 0 or 1 but rather check if we
> are building world or kernel by other means if the user has WITH_CTF
> defined somewhere else?.
> Or just check whether WITH_CTF is defined and enable the proper sections
> of the build for kernel.

Sorry, but no. A lot of people tried for doing it by checking if it is  
defined, but as there is stuff in (which is read before  
everything else), this fails.

> As I see in stable/7 example and not touched on HEAD.

[code in HEAD]

> Could be simplified:
> .if defined(WITH_CTF)
> CTFFLAGS        ?=      -L VERSION
> CTFCONVERT      ?=      ctfconvert
> CTFMERGE        ?=      ctfmerge
> CTFCONVERT      ?=      ctfconvert
> CTFMERGE        ?=      ctfmerge
> .if defined(CFLAGS) && (${CFLAGS:M-g} != "")
> CTFFLAGS        +=      -g
> .else
> CFLAGS          +=      -g
> .endif
> And this would leave little confusion about what is actually happening
> and ensure that adding something like (makeoptions -DWITH_CTF) actually
> work.

Try it. The CTF stuff is more complex than it initially looks. I was  
doing several unsuccesful tries until I arrived at something which  

> I do not see a real need for NO_CTF if we can check to see if WITH_CTF
> is being defined.

There is need for it. We have stuff which does not work when compiled  
with CTF. The current way allows to put some NO_CTF in Makefiles (if  
we want to), to disable specific problem cases even when the rest is  
compiled with CTF. I also doubt we want to use the bootblocks or the  
loader with CTF, so those are items which should get a NO_CTF in any  

> For the relevant sections of the tree that should never have WITH_CTF
> just dont add the ability to check and enable it. Or undefine it.

Undefining it would be an option if the default stays off, but there  
are people which prefer to have the default being on. When the default  
switches, or the opinion switches to keep the default off, everything  
needs to be or should be reviewed.


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