panic: deadlkres: possible deadlock detected

Erik Cederstrand erik at
Tue Apr 20 06:50:41 UTC 2010

Den 19/04/2010 kl. 17.03 skrev Attilio Rao:

> 2010/4/19 Erik Cederstrand <erik at>:
>> Hi
>> I'm testing ClangBSD in a VirtualBox client and ran into a panic on the client, but I don't think it's clang-related. I haven't tried kernel debugging before. I tried getting a backtrace as described in and this i the result:
>> Any pointers on ho to debug this further?
> I think we have to bless getblk. However your system may have got
> buffers shortage due to bufdaemon deficiencies.
> Are you using 8.0 or current?

This is current (the latest ClangBSD revision). I was running pho's stress2 test suite when this happened.


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