[CFT]: ClangBSD is selfhosting, we need testers now

Alex Keda admin at lissyara.su
Sun Apr 18 08:06:39 UTC 2010

18.04.2010 12:04, Alex Keda пишет:
> 16.04.2010 20:08, Roman Divacky пишет:
>> Hi,
>> ClangBSD is a branch of FreeBSD that aims at integrating clang
>> (clang.llvm.org)
>> into FreeBSD, replacing GCC as a system compiler.
>> Recently, we've achieved the state when clang can compile all of
>> FreeBSD world
>> on i386/amd64 platforms (including all the C++ apps we have and itself)
>> and a bootable kernel. Thus we feel that the time has come to ask the
>> FreeBSD
>> community for wider testing on i386/amd64 (you sure can help with other
>> platforms too :)).
> I accidentally install world to /
> it's not bootable - loader error
> I'm copy /boot/boot* /boot/loader from 8 - it successfully boot.
my system is:
FreeBSD dc7700p.lissyara.su 9.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0 r206420: 
Fri Apr  9 20:59:48 MSD 2010 
lissyara at dc7700p.lissyara.su:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64

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