Does "makeoptions WITH_CTF=yes" actually work?

Navdeep Parhar nparhar at
Wed Apr 14 08:33:30 UTC 2010

I read the UPDATING entry that accompanied r206082 and added WITH_CTF=yes to
my kernel config, hoping to get CTF information in the kernel and all
modules.  No luck.
It appears that NO_CTF remains set to 1 inspite of the undef NO_CTF in
various .mk files
and ctfconvert never runs.

Can anyone confirm whether r206082 works as advertised or not?

This is the diff between my config and amd64/conf/GENERIC:
> makeoptions   WITH_CTF=yes
< #options      KDTRACE_FRAME           # Ensure frames are compiled in
< #options      KDTRACE_HOOKS           # Kernel DTrace hooks
> options       KDTRACE_FRAME           # Ensure frames are compiled in
> options       KDTRACE_HOOKS           # Kernel DTrace hooks
> options       DDB_CTF

This is /etc/make.conf on my system:
DEBUG_FLAGS=-g -fno-inline-functions -fno-inline-functions-called-once

I built the kernel with a "make -j16 buildkernel" in /usr/src.


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