svn commit: r206497 - in head: sbin/geom/class sbin/geom/class/sched sys/geom/sched sys/modules/geom sys/modules/geom/geom_sched sys/modules/geom/geom_sched/gs_sched sys/modules/geom/geom_sched/gsc...

b. f. bf1783 at
Tue Apr 13 19:09:54 UTC 2010

>Author: luigi
>Date: Mon Apr 12 16:37:45 2010
>New Revision: 206497
>  Bring in geom_sched, support for scheduling disk I/O requests
>  in a device independent manner. Also include an example anticipatory
>  scheduler, gsched_rr, which gives very nice performance improvements
>  in presence of competing random access patterns.

Thank you for bringing this in.  Do you or your collaborators also
plan to add the BFQ scheduler that was in the earlier separate
tarballs?  The numbers at

suggest that it worked well in a different context.

Also, there is a typographical error in the gsched(8) manpage: in the
EXAMPLES section, "-s" should be "-a" in:

           # Configure device ad0 to use scheduler 'rr':
           geom sched insert -s rr ad0


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