BIND from system and from ports

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Apr 10 00:06:49 UTC 2010

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010, Eir Nym wrote:

> All is good in BIND in system, except it depends on ports tree with
> various options.
> I have to do followed algorithm, to enable these options:
> 1) make and install base system
> 2) install needed dependencies from ports tree

There is another step here, enable optional dependencies that are not 
enabled by default.

> 3) rebuild and reinstall world
> This is more complex than:
> 1) make and install base system
> 2) install same(?) BIND from ports tree with same options

So do that. :)  Nothing requires you to use the optional mechanism in the 

> Why does base system has any dependencies from ports?
> I know about application features, but special cases aren't special
> enough to break the rules, isn't it?

You haven't actually expressed a problem here. Can you enumerate any 
actual concerns you have, and what the implications of them are?

FWIW, I added the options that exist now in response to user demand. 
People wanted to be able to use BIND in the base with those options 




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