gpart and sector size

Alexey Tarasov me at
Thu Apr 8 14:26:44 UTC 2010

> 1) There is already an ATA command to report both physical and logical
>   sector sizes, but the disk lies - it always reports 512/512.

Advanced Format disks reports 512, but there is another command in ATA standard which can tell us if it uses 4k sector.

> 2) The disk may have already been formatted on a system that doesn't
>   support 4k sectors, and may contain unaligned partitions and file
>   systems, which won't be visible if we forcibly and unconditionally
>   use 4k sectors.

I mean that when I create *NEW* GPT scheme I can set up sector size emulation.
It will never touch existing unaligned partitions.

Alexey Tarasov

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