[RFC] Rewriting sade(8)

Andrey V. Elsukov bu7cher at yandex.ru
Thu Apr 8 05:25:57 UTC 2010

On 07.04.2010 21:49, Randi Harper wrote:
> Wow. This is awesome. patches? :D

I'm not ready yet to publish code. I planned to announce this RFC
a bit later, when code will be finished. But Konstantin (kib@) suggested
do it before finishing.

> I've been working on moving sysinstall from libdisk to libgeom, but
> unfortunately it's a bit more complicated (redoing the way we detect
> devices while I'm at it). I've done a lot of the heavy lifting code,
> but I haven't even started on the GUI parts yet. I'd love to see how
> someone else tackled doing this. I'm particularly interested in #5&
> #7. :)

Initially i wanted to only modify current sade's code to move it from
libdisk to libgeom. But after several attempts i decided that it will be
easier to rewrite it :)

> Generally, we try to keep sysinstall's disk tools and sade in sync, so
> I would like to work with you on this and see what we can come up
> with. I'm not entirely sure if #2 is a viable option since we already
> have functions in sysinstall that handle generating dialog boxes with
> libdialog, but if it's an improvement on what's existing, bring it on.

Yes, I looked at this code in sysinstall and in libdialog. Also I looked
to another console UI libs. The main problem of using external libraries
is that not so easy import them into base system.

libdialog have several problemls too, imho.
1. Custom dialogs based on ComposeObj are ugly :)
2. It supports *only* single-byte characters. Initially I wanted to
write code with message catalogs support. But after several tests
I leaved this idea. Also it seems there is no catgets analog for
wide characters.

WBR, Andrey V. Elsukov

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