FreeBSD 9-CURRENT (and 8.0) on MacMini (rev. 3,1)

Andriy Gapon avg at
Sun Apr 4 16:06:01 UTC 2010

on 04/04/2010 18:34 Phil Regnauld said the following:
> Attilio Rao (attilio) writes:
>> I would start by compiling a debugging kernel and using serial port
>> for capturing, starting reporting the ACPI bug in the latest case,
>> then we can get useful informations.
> 	Hi Attilio,
> 	Any pointers on how to achieve that on a machine with no serial ports ?
> 	I've checked out:
> 	and
> (there is a recognized firewire port)
> 	I don't otherwise see how to get a core to disk halfway through the boot
> 	process.

You could try to use firewire console.
See dcons(4).

Also, a good and quicker start is to report actual panics that you get, as
Attilio has suggested.
When everything else fails, a digital camera still can be used to get screen

Andriy Gapon

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