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Sat Apr 3 06:54:49 UTC 2010

On 2 Apr 2010, at 23:07, Doug Barton <dougb at> wrote:

> Therefore I think that the status quo of having it all in there, and
> knobs to turn off the bits you don't want is a good one since it seems
> to please the majority of our users. I will continue to maintain the
> bind-tools port though, that's something that's been requested often,
> and I think it's a good thing to have for those who want a different  
> solution but still want access to those tools in a fairly painless
> manner. And of course the ability to easily change/upgrade/manage what
> version of BIND you use via the ports will continue to be a key
> component of how we deal with this going forward.
> Of course, the release synchronization problems I described in both  
> the
> original post and the AFD post are real, so stay tuned. :)

Some about BIND and XML support via port. As I know, world is enough  
to build everything in it, but support build something in world, which  
depends on some port is not good idea. Yes, it useful option, but I  
think it should be in port(which has much more flexibility), not in  

> hth,
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