Results of BIND RFC

Ian Smith smithi at
Sat Apr 3 04:10:41 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2 Apr 2010, Doug Barton wrote:
 > So first of all, yes Virginia, this was an April Fool's Day joke. To
 > both those for whom this post created a false sense of despair, and
 > (perhaps more importantly) to those for whom it created a false sense of
 > joy, my apologies. :)  And for the record, everything from here on is
 > "just the facts."

You're a proper bastard, Doug - in the strictly affectionate Aussie 
sense of the term.  Talk about stirring the possum!

Had me fired up to figure out how to add a choice menu to sysinstall ..

Good to hear the DNSSEC stuff is coming along, however ponderously.


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