Results of BIND RFC

Reko Turja reko.turja at
Fri Apr 2 11:16:57 UTC 2010

+AD4- Strongly disagree.
+AD4APg- Or if it cannot, the +ACI-base
+AD4APg- system+ACI- needs to start using pkg+AF8AKg- (somehow) for use, =
and src.conf
+AD4APg- WITHOUT+AF8-xxx (where xxx +AD0- some software) removed.  =
Concept being: +ACI-I
+AD4APg- don't need Kerberos+ADs- pkg+AF8-delete base-krb5.  I also =
don't need=20
+AD4APg- lib32+ADs-
+AD4APg- pkg+AF8-delete base-lib32+ACI-.  Beautiful concept, hard to =
implement due=20
+AD4APg- to
+AD4APg- libraries being yanked out from underneathe binaries that are=20
+AD4APg- linked to
+AD4APg- them.  But you get the idea.
+AD4- This +ACo-might+ACo- be workable. However, in general - a large =
part of the
+AD4- reason why I use FreeBSD is that the FreeBSD base system gives me
+AD4- most of what I want, in +ACo-one+ACo- well defined chunk, =
+ACo-without+ACo- having
+AD4- to install a zillion extra packages, and without umpteen different
+AD4- versions of config files and locations for the important=20
+AD4- information.

me +-1

If I wanted to go Gnu/BSD (or Loonix) route, I'd already installed=20
either thank you. Funny though that BIND which is pretty=20
straightforward as configuration goes and as much essential system=20
component as Sendmail is getting the axe. I thought one of the main=20
philosophies in FreeBSD always was being a system in itself, rather=20
than kernel with some haphazardly thrown in components added.


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